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Adarad Casting Products Facility operates on 45th km of Bursa-Ankara highway in İnegöl Organized Industrial Zone.

Our facility was established by Koç Holding in 1987 within the Demirdöküm A.Ş. structure on an area of 245.310 m² and it named Demrad A.Ş. in 2002 and its total covered area is 60.000 m². The Demrad A.Ş. in 2007 after Demirdöküm A.Ş. was sold to Vaillant Group; it separated from Demirdöküm A.Ş. and began to operate within the Koç Holding structure. In September 2008 Demrad A.Ş. was purchased by Ada Metal Group and continues its operations under named of Adarad.

Adarad A.Ş. is one of the leading companies with in the Europe Cast Heating Sector. Products, which are produced by Adarad brand or with other brands, are floor standing boilers, central boilers and natural gas stoves, casting radiators, electric heaters and foundry fireplaces. Adarad is a shareholder of 40% European cast boiler and radiator market and it has been exporting to heating sector of Europe's global companies like Baxi, Diedietrich, Ferroli, Vaillant, Sime.

In addition to these products, with new investments we are also produced production of spare parts for the automotive industry, casting manhole cover and casting canal grates. Provides foreign currency earnings to our country by exporting most of its production to Europe, North Africa, Middle East, America and Canada.

Today Adarad A.Ş. has 6 million pieces of casting radiator sections, 50 thousand floor-standing boilers (up to 70 kW), 5 thousand central system casting boilers (between 70 kW to 1 MW) and 150 thousand natural gas stoves production capacity.

Adarad A.Ş. fulfill 40% of the Europe casting radiator market, 4% of the Europe casting boilers and central heating market, 80% of Turkey casting radiator market and 35% of Turkey cast boilers and floor standing boiler.